How to get started with Bookiemarket

Learn how to get started in 5 steps. If you need help, log into the account and chat with us.

  1. Brand your sportsbook
  2. Sportsbook settings
  3. Player and agent accounts
  4. Payment and Collection
  5. Reports

1. Brand your sportsbook

Customize your sportsbook with your own logo, theme color, and more.

  • Login Page Setting
  • Registration Setting

How to set up the login page

How to set up the registration settings

2. Sportsbook Settings

Choose your offerings and set the limits.

1. Sportsbook Setting

What games and events will you offer? Set the rules, limits, and payout schedule for your sportsbook. 

How to set your sportsbook setting

2. Payout Settings

For Parlays, Teasers, and Point Buying.

How to set your payout setting

3. Line Manager

A powerful control panel to adjust any odds for any event.

How to use the line manager

3. Players and Agents

Expand your game.

Players Profiles

Agent Profiles

4. Reports

Analyze reports and minimize your risk.

5. Pay and Collect

Choose whether to keep a weekly balance, running balance, or deposit balance for a player. A running balance carries over from one week to the next, whereas a weekly balance resets weekly.  A deposit balance allows a player to deposit cryptocurrency to play.  The player can also withdraw with a deposit balance.

How to pay and collect

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