Agent Dashboard Overview

The Bookie Market Agent System empowers agents to expand their player base through a sub-agent network. Agents have complete control over the activities of their sub-agents, who can promote their business to convert their personal contacts into new players, revenue streams, and profits. The master agent's risk is minimized as the sub-agent payout is linked to the master agent’s profit.

The Agent Dashboard provides a complete overview of the system's risk status, wagered and won amounts, and full access to agents' and sub-agents' profits. Agents can calculate risks, adjust odds, and monitor player accounts for optimal performance.

Subscription Types and Benefits

Agents can choose from four subscription packages: Premium, Premium Elite 25, Premium Elite 50, and Kingpin. The number of "Active" players allowed varies based on the chosen subscription. The Premium subscription includes 12 active players for $150/month, while the Kingpin subscription includes 125 active players for $975/month. A custom URL for the agent is also available for $30 per year.

Weekly Balance and Message to Players

The Weekly Balance feature displays the win/loss balance and the number of canceled plays for the week. The Message to Players feature allows agents to display a message to all their players every time they log in. The Action Log allows agents to view plays placed by players in real time.

Agent Dashboard Overview

Upon creating your account, you will be automatically subscribed to the Basic plan. This plan will provide you with access to your agent's dashboard. The following is what the dashboard will look like when you first log in.

This is an example of a customer paying for the Kingpin subscription.

The website is a general platform that can be accessed by all subscribers, including agents and players, to log in.

The number above (1078943) is your agent's PIN number.
Lucky Book is your agent's name.
Subscription type: (Kingpin)

Upgrade/Renew: Upgrade or renew your existing subscription to access more features and benefits.

Our pricing model is based on a software subscription system, where you pay for the number of active players you can have within a specified period, such as a month, week, or bi-weekly period. You can have as many inactive players as you like, but the number of active players is limited by your subscription plan.

We offer four different subscription packages:

  1. Premium: This package includes 12 active players for $150 per month ($12.5 per player).
  2. Premium Elite 25: This package includes 25 active players for $350 per month ($14 per player).
  3. Premium Elite 50: This package includes 50 active players for $700 per month ($14 per player).
  4. Kingpin: This package includes 125 active players for $975 per month ($7.8 per player).

Note: The Premium subscription provides access to all sports offerings but does not include the Line Manager feature, which gives you control over lines. Higher subscription options provide more active players and the Line Manager feature.

When you click on Upgrade/Renew, you can access detailed information about each subscription.

Buy/Renew Domain Name 

Bookiemarket provides the option to buy a customized URL for $30 per year. By clicking on "Buy/Renew Domain Name" in your dashboard, you can enter the desired URL and we will purchase it and link it to your account. The default URL for logging in is or

Weekly Balance

The Weekly Win/Loss Balance Report is a valuable tool for bookies to monitor the performance of their sportsbooks on a weekly basis. It displays the total winnings and losses for the week and the number of canceled bets. This information can help bookies keep track of their financial performance, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions to improve their operations.

Message All Players

This feature allows you to send a message to all your players every time they log in. 

There are several benefits for a bookie in using the feature of sending a message to all players every time they log in:

  1. Communication: This feature allows bookies to communicate directly with their players and keep them informed about promotions, updates, or any important information.
  2. Engagement: By sending a personalized message every time players login, bookies can increase engagement and keep them interested in their services.
  3. Brand Awareness: Bookies can use this feature to promote their brand and differentiate themselves from competitors.
  4. User Experience: The feature enhances the user experience by providing players with relevant information and a personalized touch every time they log in.
  5. Customer Service: The feature can also be used as a customer service tool, allowing bookies to address player inquiries or concerns directly and quickly.

By using this feature, bookies can effectively communicate with their players, increase player engagement, promote their brand, enhance user experience, and provide excellent customer service.

To use this feature, follow these steps.

  1. Expand the arrow key icon
  2. Write the message you want
  3. Hit the Update Message button
The following is an example of the message displayed on the player site after the player login.
Action Log

The Action Log is a valuable tool for bookies, as it allows them to monitor their players' betting activities closely. By using this feature, bookies can track the bets being placed in real time, ensuring the seamless operation of their sportsbook. With this feature, bookies can have peace of mind knowing that they clearly understand what is happening on their platform, enabling them to make informed decisions and act quickly if any issues arise. Additionally, by having access to detailed information about the player activity, bookies can identify trends, monitor performance, and make any necessary adjustments to improve their operations and increase profitability.

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