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Attracting New Players with Free Credits is a standard marketing strategy bookmakers and online gaming platforms use to attract new players and retain current ones. Offering free play credits can help players familiarize themselves with the platform and its offerings, and if they have a positive experience, they may be more likely to deposit their own funds and become regular players. Additionally, by offering incentives for players to refer their friends, the bookmaker can leverage the power of word of mouth to reach new audiences and expand its player base.

Free Play Credit: Set the amount of credit used for the Free Play. If the player loses, the credit will be considered a no-action play. If they win, they will receive a reward.

Free Play Type: There are two types of Free Play: Restricted or Flexible. Restricted requires the player to use all of their free play credit in one play, while Flexible allows them to use the credit for multiple plays.

The following example will give the player 100 Flexible Free Play credits.

After providing your player with "Free Play" credit, they can use it on their interface by checking a box for straight plays. This option will not be available for parlays, etc. If the player loses the play, the system will cancel it. However, if they win, they will receive the winnings. The Free Play will be labeled as such on both the Open/Graded Play report and the player's interface.

With flexible Free Play, players can use the credit on multiple plays by checking the "Use Free Play" checkbox after selecting a line. Here is an example of how the Free Play credit works.

The following is an example of giving a player 100 on Restricted free play.

With Restricted Free Play, the player must use all their free play credit in a single play. Once they have selected the line and checked the "Use Free Play" checkbox, they will not be able to make any changes to the credit amount, unlike the Flexible Free Play option.

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