Agent Profiles

The Agent Detail Panel provides an overview of all agent profiles in your system. The agent system allows you to create sub-agents with their own set of players, allowing for a hierarchical management structure. The sub-agents can only access and manage the assigned players, while the master agent has visibility into all sub-agents and their players.

You can have as many sub-agents as the number of players you have in your system. Adding a sub-agent is as simple as clicking the "Add Agent" button and providing the necessary information, such as the agent's name, login, and password.

In addition, you can choose to disable the Racebook or Casino for a particular sub-agent, even if it is activated for the entire book. This setting overrides the general activation status of these features for players under the sub-agent in question.

Agent Profile Overview

The Agent feature enables you to establish sub-agent accounts that have access to their own set of players. The sub-agents can view only the players assigned to them and generate reports for those players, while the master agent can view all sub-agents and their players as well as access all reports.

To create sub-agents for your players, you can have as many as the players allowed in your plan. For example, if you have 125 players, you can have up to 125 sub-agents. If your plan is Premium Elite 25, you can have up to 25 sub-agents.

To add a sub-agent, click on the "Add Agent" button.

The settings for a sub-agent in a sports book include:
Agent Name: Enter the name of the sub-agent.
Agent Login: Enter the login information for the sub-agent.
Agent Password: Enter the password for the sub-agent.
Deactivate Racebook for this Agent: Disable Racebook for players under this sub-agent, even if it is enabled for the entire book.
Deactivate Casino for this Agent: Disable Casino for players under this sub-agent, even if it is enabled for the whole book.
Turning off Racebook/Casino for players under a specific sub-agent in the Tools/Sports Settings is possible. If Racebook/Casino is enabled for the entire book, it will be available to all players. However, if you create a sub-agent and set either Racebook or Casino to "No," the players under that sub-agent will not have access to that feature on the player site.
An example of the whole book setting in Tools/Sports Settings can be seen below.

Agent Settings

The Agent Settings allow you to manage and control the actions and responsibilities of sub-agents within your sports betting platform. The settings include the Agent Share Percentage, which determines the sub-agents share of win/loss for all players under them. Additionally, you can choose whether to allow the agent to add, edit, or delete players, alter player status, submit late plays, alter lines, cancel plays, post on the Agent Forum, and manage other agents. The Agent Control List also allows you to specify a maximum of 18 agents that the selected agent can manage. These settings allow you to delegate responsibilities to sub-agents while still maintaining control over your sports betting platform.

Agent Share Percentage: This refers to the portion of win/loss for all players under a sub-agent. For instance, if the total win/loss for all players under a sub-agent is -100 for the week and the sub-agent share percentage is 30%, the Master Agent or book owner will receive -70 and the sub-agent will receive -30 of the losses for the week.

Agent to Add Players: Choose whether this sub-agent has the ability to add new players to their roster. If set to No, the sub-agent will not be able to access the "Add New Player" button when they log in. The following example illustrates this setting.

With the Agent Control List, this sub-agent can manage other sub-agents and players within their assigned group. A maximum of 18 sub-agents can be selected.

The options under Allow Agent to Edit Player Settings, Allow Agent to Delete Players, Allow Agent to Change Player Status, Allow Agent to Submit Late Bets, and Allow Agent to Modify Lines should only be enabled for sub-agents that you trust completely.

Allow Agent to Cancel Bets: This sub-agent can cancel bets for players under their control.

Allow Agent to Post on Agent Forum: This option allows the sub-agent to post messages on the Agent Forum section of the Dashboard. These messages will be visible to other agents in the system.

  1. Click on the "Add Agent" button.
  2. Verify that the new sub-agent has been added by going to the Profiles/Agent Profiles section.

Here's an example:

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