Essential Reports for Sportsbook Management

The reports offered by the sports betting platform are essential for bookies to manage their business effectively. Each report serves a different purpose, from providing an overview of a player's win-loss balance and tracking betting activity to monitoring the overall financial status of the sportsbook and ensuring security. These reports allow bookies to make informed decisions and run their sports betting operations smoothly.

Weekly Balance Report 

This tool displays a player's win-loss balance for a particular week. This report is relevant only if the player's account type is set to Weekly Balance. The balance will be reset to zero at the end of the week, and the day of the reset can be adjusted in the Weekly Balance Ending Day option in the Sports Settings. The default day for reset is Sunday, but it can be changed to fit the bookie's preferences.

By providing a clear view of the player's win-loss balance for a specific week, this report allows bookies to effectively monitor their financial performance and make informed decisions about managing their players' accounts. The report helps bookies keep track of their financials and ensure that they run a profitable business. Additionally, the ability to reset the balance to zero at the end of the week helps bookies to start each week with a clean slate and maintain control over their finances.

Note:  If you set your week-ending day to be "Sunday," then the player balance will reset to zero on Monday morning (approximately around 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM PST)

Total Balance Report 

This report gives bookies a comprehensive view of all their players' current account balances. The report is recommended to be a running balance, which shows the total balance without separating it into different days of the week. On the other hand, if a bookie opts for the Weekly balance, they will be able to see the accurate balance only for the current week and not the individual days within that week.

It allows them to keep track of the financial status of their players. It provides a comprehensive overview of the current balances of all players, which is crucial information for managing and ensuring the profitability of their sportsbook business. By keeping an updated total balance, bookies can make informed decisions and take necessary actions to maintain their player's financial status and overall business health.

Action Report 

This report is a valuable tool for bookies as it helps them monitor their players' betting activity. This report displays the win/loss of each player over a specified period, up to 5 months, giving bookies a clear picture of their players' performance. By using this report, bookies can track their players' activity, identify any trends, and make informed decisions to manage their bookie business effectively. The data provided by the Action Report is critical in managing finances, promoting responsible betting, and ensuring the smooth operation of the bookie business.

Open Plays 

In the Open Plays report, agents can grade plays and get a complete overview of all pending bets, allowing bookies to monitor their outstanding bets and financial performance. This feature enables bookies to make informed decisions about their betting operations by keeping them updated on the status of their bets. By using the Open Plays feature, bookies can stay on top of their financials, identify any potential issues, and take prompt action to resolve them, which can help ensure the long-term success of their bookmaking business

Graded Plays  
This report  is vital for bookies because it allows them to see all the completed games and the results of those games. This information is crucial for bookies because it allows them to calculate the winnings and losses for their players and their own profits. By accessing this information, bookies can track their financial performance and make informed decisions about managing their operations. This feature helps bookies stay organized, track all their games, and ensure that they run a profitable business.

Position Report 
This report is essential for bookies as it offers a comprehensive view of the overall financial status of their sportsbook. The report shows the amount of money at risk and the potential winnings for all games, providing bookies with valuable information to make informed decisions about their betting operations. With this report, bookies can assess their financial risks, identify potential problem areas, and take action to maximize their profits. The report gives bookies a clear picture of their financial health, allowing them to make informed decisions and run their sportsbooks more effectively.
Proposition Report 
Access to the Proposition Report allows bookies to have a comprehensive overview of their book's betting situation, which is crucial in managing and optimizing their proposition offerings. It helps bookies make informed decisions to balance risk and potential wins and ensure they run a profitable bookmaking operation.
Login Report 
This report gives them a detailed account of when their players or agents have logged into their sports betting platform. This information is valuable in helping bookies track the activity of their players and agents, identify any potential issues or suspicious activity, and make informed decisions about managing their operations. The Login Report also provides bookies with valuable insights into the usage patterns of their players and agents, allowing them to optimize their platform for a better user experience and increase player engagement. By monitoring login information, bookies can also ensure the security and privacy of their platform, as well as detect any unauthorized access to player accounts.

The Login Report allows bookies to track and monitor the login activity of their players or agents. This feature provides valuable information about the IP address of a player, including their actual IP address and the location of the Cloudflare proxy server being used. This information is useful for bookies in managing their player accounts, ensuring that there is only one active login per account, and detecting any potential security issues.

Note: The IP address of a player's device can be traced, but it does not provide information about the user. The IP address is the location from where the internet connection is made. You can find more details about the physical location of the connection by using a website such as and entering the second number of the IP address. In recent years, with the depletion of standard IP addresses, mobile devices are using IPv6 addresses instead of IPv4 addresses. For more information on IPv6 addresses, visit the Wikipedia page at

Please take a look at the following example of IP6.
The Handle Report 
This report provides a summary of the smaller financial transactions that occur between players and agents in a sportsbook. This report typically tracks the transfer of credit between these parties. In traditional sportsbook models, agents receive a kickback or incentive based on a percentage of the handle they manage. The more money the agent handles, the greater their potential earnings from the handle. The Handle Report provides a comprehensive overview of this financial activity, helping agents to manage their finances and stay on top of their earnings.
Balance History Report 
This report provides a daily breakdown of a player's balance for the past year. It displays the player's balance but not specific details or types of plays. By accessing this report in the "Reports" section, you can extract the data into Excel or Google Sheets for analysis. Note that data older than 5 months will not be available as it is removed from the archived database. If you choose "All" under the "Player" dropdown, you can view the combined balance for all players within the selected date range.


Question 1: I have a question regarding how the LOGIN report works with all the IP addresses. What's the point of it? How to track the logins? How to interpret the data? Everything you tell me can be helpful.
Answer 1: The Login Report allows bookies to track the logins made by their players or agents to their sportsbook account. In this report, you will see the IP addresses associated with each login, which can give you an idea of the location from which the player or agent is accessing the account. This information can be useful for ensuring the security of your player accounts, as well as for tracking patterns of usage and behavior. To interpret the data, you can use an IP lookup service to determine the approximate geographic location of the IP address, but it's important to note that IP addresses can be easily masked or changed using a proxy, so the information should be used as a general reference only. Overall, the Login Report is an important tool for bookies to monitor and manage their player accounts.
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