Line Manager

The Line Manager feature allows a bookie or operator to manage and adjust the betting lines offered to players. The bookie can control the odds, spreads, and betting options for different sporting events and matches. This helps bookies increase profitability by setting odds and lines that align with market trends and appeal to players. The master agent is the only one with access to the Line Manager.

Game Lines (Dynamic Line Manager)

The Dynamic Line Manager includes a "Follow" option that enables you to keep track of changes to the default line. For example, if you adjust a game's line from -3 to -4 and select the "Follow" option, your line will adjust to -4.5 if the default line changes to -3.5. To use the "Follow" feature, adjust the line by one point in your desired direction and check the "Follow" box. Note that your line will always be one point behind the default line if you select "Follow." Also, the "Lock" option becomes unavailable if you have "Follow" selected, as you cannot lock a line you're following.

Here is an example of when you move the line.

Propositions & Features

The propositions and features in the Line Manager for Futures and Props are critical tools for bookmakers to manage their betting lines and odds for events or outcomes that are not directly tied to the outcome of a game or competition. To access the Line Manager, bookmakers can go to Line Manager in the platform and select the "Propositions and Futures" option. The lines will be displayed, and by clicking the arrow on the right of each proposition, bookmakers can open or close it for editing. With the post, circled, and lock features, bookmakers can efficiently adjust and manage their betting offerings in real time, making it easier to stay competitive and respond to changing market conditions.

Please refer to the accompanying screenshot to help locate the arrow in the Line Manager.

Off-Hour Settings

The Off-Hour Limit feature is an essential tool for bookmakers using Bookiemarket to manage risk and ensure profitability. This feature allows bookmakers to set restrictions on player betting during specified off-hours. By defining the off-hour start time, duration, and max win limit, bookmakers can control the number of winnings their players can earn during off hours. This helps bookmakers manage risk and ensures that their operation runs smoothly, even during periods of lower activity.


The Line Manager, propositions and features, and off-hour settings are essential tools for bookmakers using Bookiemarket. These features allow bookmakers to manage their sportsbook operations effectively and efficiently and have peace of mind knowing their operations are protected.

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