Player Profile Multi-type & Buy Points Settings

Multi-Type & BuyPoints Settings 

The Multi-Type & Buy Points Settings section allows you to control the type of sports betting experiences you offer to your players. You can set limits on the number of lines players can include in a parlay, teaser, or reverse, as well as the maximum number of points they can buy. Additionally, you can restrict point buying on certain basketball and football games, giving you more control over the betting options you offer.

Max Team Parlay: The maximum number of lines that this player is allowed to parlay.

Max Team Teaser: This player's maximum number of lines that can be included in a teaser.

Max Team Action Reverse: The maximum number of lines that this player is allowed to choose for a reverse.

Max Buy Points: The highest number of points this player can buy.

Buy Point Restriction: Limits point buying on specific basketball and football games. Setting it to "No" will give the player the ability to buy points on all games.

Note: Point buying is not permitted on lines with a juice lower than -110. This includes lines with odds such as -115, -120, and -125. Point buying is also not allowed on circled games or other games or when the point spread is over +10.

To remove these restrictions and allow point buying on all lines, go to Player Profiles, select the player, and disable the point buying restriction rule by setting the Buy Point Restriction to "No."

Example 1

Max Team Parlay

In this example, the Max Team Parlay has been set to 3, meaning the player can only include 3 lines in their parlay bet.

An error will occur if the player attempts to parlay four teams, but the Max Team Parlay has been set to a limit of three teams by the agent.

Example 2

Max Buy Points

In this example, the Max Buy Points have been set to 3, meaning this player can only buy up to 3 points.

An example of buying points is available on the confirmation screen. After the player has chosen the desired lines, they can purchase points on the next screen. A demonstration of this feature can be found on the player's platform.

Here is an example of the player site where the Max Buying Points has been set to 3 by the agent, allowing the player to purchase up to 3 points, as demonstrated in the accompanying images.

Football & Basketball Teaser

Teasers are currently available only for basketball and football games. The availability of these types of bets will depend on the agent's settings in the player's book. As seen in the following illustration, once the player has selected their desired line, they can see the teasers available.

This shows what type of bet the player has chosen after selecting the desired line.

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