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The Player Settings section allows you to customize your player's interface type and options. You can choose between two interface options, Awesome and Legacy, and select the one that best suits your player's needs. The Awesome interface is a modern and user-friendly option, with dynamic line updates and no need for constant refreshing. It is beneficial for live line betting.

Player Interface Type: Select the sportsbook interface that the player will use. There are two interfaces, Awesome and Legacy. The Awesome interface is the most popular choice among users.

Awesome Interface: The Awesome interface use the latest technology and is similar to modern sites such as Fanduel.  You do not need to click “Refresh” to update the lines as the line update dynamically/automatically even though there is a “Refresh” button if you have an impatient player.  The Awesome interface is good for Live Lines as you don’t want to click on Refresh every 5 seconds.  

Here is an example of a player on Awesome interface.

The Legacy: is an older interface developed in 2010 and does not have dynamic lines. It was initially designed to provide discreetness to the players.

Here is an example of a player on Legacy Interface

Line Type

There are two types of lines. "Sharp Line" and "Square Line"

Square lines: move infrequently, and the juice is always the same on both sides.  They are the same lines in the newspaper, such as Oakland -3 -110 vs. San Diego +3 -110.  They are essential lines and are used for novice players.

Sharp lines: move more frequently, and the juice is constantly changing, such as Oakland -3 -105 vs. San Diego +3 -115 or Oakland -3 Even vs. San Diego -120. Sharp lines are for players who are professional players, and square lines are for players who are novices and who have much smaller action. Sharp lines are the gold standard for any sportsbooks, whereas Square lines, which tend to move slower at a less confusing rate, are made for recreational players. Choose sharp lines for professional players and Square lines for amateur players.

Sportsbook Juice

Sportsbook Juice: Juice, also known as vigorish or the take, is the amount a bookmaker charges for his or her service. You can set the general juice for each one of your players there.

The juice is part of the line.  Let’s say your line is -110, and the juice is 10%.  The player must risk 110 to win 100.

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