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Action Tracker & Message Player

The Action Tracker is a tool that allows you to keep track of your players' bets. It sends an email notification every time a player places a bet, which includes the amount wagered and the line played on. You can set up multiple email addresses by separating them with commas. The configuration of the Action Tracker can be done both at the player level in their Player Profile and the book level in the "Tools/Sports Settings" section.

To ensure reliable tracking, you can set a minimum amount that will trigger the tracker and display a message to the player every time they log in. The message lifespan can also be set so it stays visible for a specified number of days. While it is possible to receive updates on your phone through text messages, this method is often unreliable because of the limitations of phone companies sending SMS messages from the internet. For more reliable notifications, it is recommended to set up the Action Tracker to send updates to an email account.

If the player receives a confirmation number, it is easier to track their play. For this reason, it is recommended to set up an Action Tracker for the player and send them an email every time they make a play. In case of disputes, the player can use the Action Tracker email as proof of play submission.

Action Tracker Minimum Amount: Specify the minimum amount of a player's bet that you want to be tracked. The Action Tracker will only record and send notifications for bets that exceed this minimum amount.

Message to Player: Display a message to the selected player every time they log in. If you want to display a message to all players, you can use the "Message to All Players" feature on the agent dashboard.

Message Life Span: Set the duration you want messages to be visible.


Can I receive Action Tracker updates on my phone? I tried entering my phone number, but it didn't work.

Answer: Sending text messages from the internet to phone companies can be inconsistent due to the limitations of SMS. To ensure more reliable notifications, it is recommended to configure the Action Tracker to send updates to an email account. If you have a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, you can set it up to send updates to an email account on the phone. This will give you instant notifications.

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