Player Profile Dashboard Panel

Player Profile Detail Panel

This section is about setting up player profiles for bookies. The process involves creating player accounts, making necessary modifications to the settings, and attracting more players to the platform. Once the bookie creates a player profile, they provide the player with a login and password so they can access the platform and start playing via

Player Detail Panel

The Player Detail Panel is an important section of the agent dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of the player activity under the current agent. The Panel consists of the following details:

Active Players: This indicates the number of players who are currently active and have made plays.

Active Players Allowed: The number of maximum players that this agent is authorized to have, based on their Kingpin subscription level.

Total Players: This shows the total number of players that this agent has in their book, including both active and inactive players.

"Get More Players" allows agents to increase the number of active players they are allowed to have under their Kingpin subscription. The cost to add more players is calculated based on the remaining days of their subscription. Keep in mind the number of days will decrease regardless of whether the additional player slots are utilized or not.

Take a look at the following example.

If you added five more players 

1) Your New active Players Allowed will add up to 130 players.

2) Your new subscription date will be shortened by 2 days from November 30 to November 28, 2022.

Tips: If you are still determining how many players you will have, we recommend buying a lower-cost package such as the Premium or Premium Elite. If you are getting more players in the middle of your subscription, use the "Get More Players" feature in "Player Profiles. This will allow you to add more players in the middle of the subscription without paying more, and the system will deduct your subscription days accordingly.

Note: When payment is pending, the Get More Players will disappear. It will appear again after payment is completed. The feature will appear again after our accounting department verifies and processes your payment. Sometimes agent doesn't see this feature because their payment is pending.


Question 1: If I upgrade my subscription in the middle of the month, can I do so without paying the full price again? (Do I only pay the difference?)

Answer 1: If you wish to add more players during an existing subscription, you can do so using the "Get More Players" feature in the Player Profiles. This will allow you to add more players without paying the full price again, and the system will prorate the number of subscription days accordingly.

Question 2: I don't see a "Get More Players" feature on the bookie.

Answer 2: If you are unable to see the "Get More Players" feature in the Player Profiles, it could be due to a pending order. Please log out and then log back in to see if your order has been approved. If the issue persists, please contact our support team for assistance.

Advance Search

This tool makes it easier for agents to locate a player among many in their book. By using filters such as player status (Active, Inactive, or Pending), PIN, or Agent, you can quickly find the player you are looking for. The Advance Search feature is shown in the picture below.

Sort By Dropdown: This dropdown allows you to sort the player grid based on different fields.

Status Dropdown: This dropdown allows you to filter the grid based on the player's status, such as Active, Inactive, or Pending.

Agent Dropdown: This dropdown allows you to filter the grid based on a specific agent.

Search By Dropdown: This dropdown allows you to choose how to search for a player, such as by Player Name, PIN, or Player Login.

Search Text: In this field, you can enter text or numbers based on your selection in the "Search By" dropdown. The grid will be filtered based on your input in this field.

Add Player, Inactive Players, and Delete Players buttons.

These buttons provide different functionalities to manage your player accounts. By using the "Add Players" button, you can easily create new player accounts in your system. The "Inactivate Players" button will automatically change the status of players who have been inactive for the past 15 days. Lastly, the "Delete Players" button will allow you to remove inactive players from your account permanently.

Add Players: It allows you to create a new player account in your system. The process of adding a new player is described in detail on the following page.

Inactivate Players: It will set all active players who have not made a play in the last 15 days to inactive.

Delete Players: It will remove all inactive players from your account.

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