Registration Settings

The registration settings cover allowing player registration, setting a registration passcode, defining default player settings, setting up notification emails, and customizing the registration page URL. By following these steps, bookies can efficiently manage the process of adding new players to their sportsbooks and ensure the privacy and security of their site.

Allow Player Registration
Allow new players to sign up to your site instead of you entering them manually. Newly registered players will have the "Pending" status and will NOT take away from your active player-allowed slots. Instead, they will be converted to "Active" after they make their first play.
Registration Passcode
A Registration Passcode requires a new player to enter a valid code to sign up. If Registration Passcode is blank, anyone can sign up, including random users on the internet. We suggest you create a Registration Passcode to keep your site private.  
Default Player Setting
(Player to Clone). When a new player signs up for your site, the new player settings, such as risk limits, max win, sports settings, etc., will be set by the default player settings. Please select the player that will be your default player setting. If a player is not set, then the registration system will be disabled.
Notification Emails
A notification email can be sent to you when a new player signs up for your site. You can have multiple emails by entering emails separated by a comma. Example "[email protected],[email protected]."
Registration Page URL
The URL of your registration page. If you use the Login API and have your website, you can add the "login from" query string parameter to your registration page link. The "login from" parameter will redirect the player back to your website when he successfully signs up or cancels a sign-up.
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