Login Settings

The "Login Page" is the access point where your players log in to your sportsbook. You can customize the appearance of your sportsbook using the simple Login Page Editor or create your own website using a website builder of your choice such as WordPress or Wix.

Choose Domain Name

Direct your players to your web address. You can use your own unique Bookiemarket address or purchase and use your own domain name. 
Default Timezone

The sports event times in your sportsbook will reflect the timezone you select for your sportsbook.
Theme Color

The theme color you select will reflect in the color of the buttons and background of your sportsbook. 
Sportsbook Title and Slogan

Give your sportsbook a name and slogan. The sportsbook title and tagline will appear in the top left corner of your sportsbook.
Login API

If you prefer to use your own websites, such as WordPress or Wix, you integrate the Bookiemarket Login API into your website using the code snippet. 
White Label 

The White Label service includes removing Bookingmarket’s name and logo. Contact support for more info
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