Line Manager

The Line Manager feature is exclusively designed for our Premium Elite and Kingpin subscribers.

Introduction to Line Manager

Line Manager offers a wide array of features that enable you to set odds, manage game lines, and monitor market movements in real-time. Our objective is to equip you to manage risks effectively and ensure that your operations remain competitive and adaptable in a dynamically changing market.

Game Lines Management

  • Manage Odds: Directly adjust odds for spreads, totals, and money lines, allowing you to balance the book optimally.
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay ahead with instant alerts on line changes and heavy-sided actions, enabling timely decisions.

Odds Management

  • Post Games: Enjoy the liberty to selectively offer games for betting, ensuring only the most lucrative options make it to your platform.
  • Circled Games: Apply special restrictions on point buying and cap maximum payouts, securing your interests.
  • Added Games: Similar to circled games but offering additional control over newly included games.
  • Lock & Follow: Choose to lock the odds for stability or enable "Follow" to keep your lines constantly one step ahead of the market.

Propositions & Futures

Navigate between sports to post, circle, and lock odds, ensuring every decision contributes to your strategic advantage.

Handling Heavy-Sided Actions

The feature alerts agents when there’s significant betting on one side. Utilize the flexibility to adjust lines on the other side, promoting balance and safeguarding your profitability.

Utilizing the Dynamic Line Manager

Game Lines

Select the "Follow" feature to adapt to market dynamics. This will ensure your lines adjust quickly to maintain a competitive edge. Note that activating "Follow" deactivates the "Lock" feature as your lines continue to evolve with market trends.

Practical Example

If you adjust a game’s line from -3 to -4 and activate "Follow," your line will adapt to -4.5 if the market shifts to -3.5. Utilize this feature to maintain strategic advantage without constant manual intervention.

Propositions & Futures

With our intuitive interface, you can maximize your strategic positioning by managing betting lines and odds for events. Adjustments are fluid, ensuring your sportsbook remains aligned with market demands and opportunities.

Off-Hour Settings

Protect your operations during designated off hours through customizable settings that limit the maximum win. This crucial feature safeguards your profitability around the clock, giving you peace of mind.

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