​Buy/Renew Domain Name

Bookiemarket provides the option to buy a customized URL for $30 per year. By clicking on "Buy/Renew Domain Name" in your dashboard, you can enter the desired URL and we will purchase it and link it to your account. The default URL for logging in is bookiemarket.com or book32.com.

Having a custom domain for a sports betting website has several benefits for a bookie. Firstly, it enhances the credibility and professionalism of the bookie's brand. A custom domain such as "www.yourbookie.com" gives the impression of a well-established and trustworthy business, which is important in the highly competitive sports betting industry.

Secondly, a custom domain provides easier brand recognition and recall for players. By having a unique and memorable URL, players are more likely to return to the bookie's website and recommend it to others, helping to drive new player acquisition and growth.

Thirdly, a custom domain allows the bookie to have full control over the website's domain settings, including email hosting and redirects. This gives the bookie greater flexibility and control over the website's functionality and online presence.

In conclusion, having a custom domain for a sports betting website is an important investment for bookies looking to establish their brand, improve player acquisition and retention, and increase credibility in the competitive sports betting industry.

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